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Purchasing a furnace can be very cost effective and offers some benefits over home owners that rent a furnace in their homes.  Owning your home’s furnace means that upfront you will be paying for the system that will typically cost $2000 and up depending on efficiency, make, model, and home size.  Additionally when you own your furnace you can simply expect to pay the gas or propane bills associated with running the furnace.  Typical homes in the Greater Toronto Area that have a high efficiency furnace spend about $100 per month throughout the winter on fuel. It is important to note that manufactures today offer outstanding warranties extending past 10 or 12 years making ownership even more lucrative.Goodman Furnace

Which Brand of Furnace Should I Buy?

This is a very popular question and we always answer it with this statement

Installation quality is more important than brand selection, as the choice of installer can increase breakdowns by more than 50%! (consumer reports)

Not only will improperly installed equipment break down more often, it also can significantly reduce performance.  The Environment Protection Agency (EPA), South of us here in Ontario did a large study regarding furnace system performance and furnace contractor installation and found some surprising info.


A contractor who follows good sizing and installation practices may be more expensive, but the results can dramatically affect how well your new equipment will deliver comfort and savings.”

We will not be the cheapest furnace contractor in Toronto but we do ensure that your system is fully installed to code and as per the manufacture’s recommendations.

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