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We have been working within the Mississauga area for a number of years and have many happy and satisfied customers.  Mississauga is a great city with many unique features;  in fact I have a few family members who are very proud to call this great city their home.  In terms of heating and Mississauga furnace systems there are a few things to consider with your proximity to Lake Ontario.  Firstly, Lake Ontario acts as a huge temperature reservoir with the amount of water contained.  This has two effects on residents of Mississauga

  1. Colder temperatures last longer into spring than some neighbouring cities due to the cold taking a while longer to be released from the lake.
  2. Winter weather is delayed as the heat stored in the lake from the summer creates a sort of warm bubble for nearby communities.Mississauga Furnace Prices


We have been installing and servicing Mississauga furnace systems and heaters for years.  Our employes live within close proximity to the city so they all have a full understanding of the micro-climates Mississauga residents face.  This first hand knowledge helps us design better heating systems for home owners.

Why higher the jack of all trades when you can hire the master of one…

  1. Furnace Installation
  2. Furnace Sales
  3. Furnace Repairs
  4. Furnace Maintenance

If you are even just thinking of replacing your furnace you should at the very least give us a call for a free quote.  We have been in the heating business for years and advice we always give people is to get multiple quotes.  Take the highest and lowest quote and throw them away, they are inevitably over-priced and under-priced.  Now make a choice based on the remaining quotes, the professional who quoted, and your gut feelings about the company.  You will be more than happy with your new furnace.

Mississauga Furnace Systems

  • Goodman
  • Lennox
  • Amana
  • York
  • Rheem

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