Air Conditioners

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Air Conditioners

There is nothing worse than not being comfortable in your own home. It can affect our moods, productivity and our overall happiness. Our Ontario summer never seems to be as long as we would like, yet, we are all still affected by sleepless nights and high humidity levels during our summer nights. The solution is simple… have a quiet, reliable, energy efficient air conditioner installed at your home. Not only will you feel happy and comfortable inside your home during those hot summer days, but also those hot sleepless nights will be gone. Air Conditioning is a luxury that everyone deserves!

Installation Matters

Just like anything else, if you have the best product available but have it installed poorly or incorrectly, you will not get the full benefit of your investment or the system installed. That is why GTA Furnace takes our installations very seriously. Our installers are trained on the various brands and models and frequently required to take refresher and update courses.  Our installers take pride in their work and it will show in your mechanical room and on your energy bills. We fully understand that any air conditioner or piece of HVAC equipment is a big investment in your home and we assure you that it will be installed properly, guaranteed!

Peace Of Mind Warranties

There is nothing worse than that first repair bill that you get after investing so much money into a new purchase. When it comes to your air conditioner, you need not worry! All of our air conditioners come with great warranties of up to 10 years! Also, we have no hassle warranties in place that are exactly as suggested. On most air conditioners, if your compressor or coil was to fail within 10 years, we will replace your entire air conditioner with an equal or upgraded air conditioner, no questions asked. Why do we have such great warranties? Because we carry great products.

Next Steps

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