Your Furnace Can Be More Efficient

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Your Furnace Can Be More Efficient

There is an easy way to make your furnace more efficient and make your home feel less drafty at the same time.


We get people calling in as asking why there home feels cold and drafty (more so this winter than some of the past ones we have been spoiled with here in Toronto) and I always recommend this very cheap possible solution. 

Visit a Home hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, Rona, or any home improvement store and purchase a roll of tin tape or aluminum foil tape.  Now go take a look in your basement at all the ducts that channel the hot air from your furnace throughout your house.  Start close to the furnace and tape up all the joints and cracks you can see.  Leaking air can account for a substantial amount of heat loss and thus reduced furnace efficiency.

Here are some tips to be more efficienttape for duct work

  • Start the furnace and feel for all the leaky spots that have hot air gushing out
  • Only seal up the hot air ducts, not the return ducts (return ducts will be cold to the touch after running the furnace)
  • Visit the registers on the second floor and tape them from the inside since the duct work is in the wall.
  • Don’t tape up anything related to the exhaust venting
  • And as always, check that furnace filter and replace if needed.

Vent Flow Efficiency

There are companies throughout the greater Toronto area that have testing equipment capable of measuring the amount of air leakage your furnace duct work is losing.  They then go about taping up the ducts in an effort to reduce this loss.  You can save yourself the cost of the test an increase your homes furnace and heating system by simply doing your own patch work with the tin tape.

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