Furnace Protection Plans

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Here is a good question…

Should I get involved in a furnace protection plan for my homes water heater, air conditioner, or furnace?

As a home owner it can be very smart to ensure that your monthly bills are regulated and stable.  A protection plan adds a little to your monthly overhead but it ensures that you’re not sidelined with a heft repair bill.   There are a few different options available with regards to protection plans.

  1. You can choose to protect all systems or just a single one (water heater, furnace, air conditioner)
  2. You can protect yourself from breakdowns or equipment failure only
  3. You can get all the benefits noted above in addition to regular maintenance


What Do Furnace Protect Plans Cover?protection plans

If you sign up for a protection plan you are ensuring that your monthly HVAC costs remain stabilized.  For example lets say your furnace breaks down unexpectedly in the winter.  You will need to call a repair technician, schedule a time for him to come by, hopefully he can repair the furnace immediately otherwise you’re waiting for parts.  This all adds up pretty quickly and more than likely you will have a bill for at least a few hundred dollars.

If you had a protection plan from us on your furnace you would have paid $13.95/month, include your air conditioner, $16.95/month, add the water heater $19.95/month.  This monthly fee ensure you get 24 hour priority service and any parts or labour needed to get you back up and running again fast should a breakdown occur.  Complete protection from unexpected costs, and worry free operation.

For a little bit more on the protection plan we can also provide you will a full maintenance service.  Annual maintenance is very important to maintain the money you invested in your homes mechanical systems.

We service and work with home owners throughout the GTA and Golden horseshoe.  Give us a call if you have any question or would like to get involved in our protection plans.

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