Home Savings Model

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Home Savings Model

Guaranteed Savings Model

  • By proceeding with an energy assessment and retrofit, we guarantee that you will save money on your annual energy bill.
  • The amount of savings will depend on your current energy usage and the amount of energy saving work you have done on your home.
  • If you decide to finance this work t, you may experience a decrease, break-even or potentially a small increase in your net monthly payment (cost of financing less energy savings) during the financing period.
  • However, after the financing period expires, your financing costs will disappear and you will benefit from lower energy costs for as long as you own your home.

There has been a significant increase in efficiency with modern HVAC systems for home owners.  Guaranteed savings is really not an outlandish claim, in fact many Toronto based HVAC companies easily make the same promises.  As technology continues to evolve at an ever increasing pace residential and commercial HVAC systems are adopting these new discoveries fostering a period of rapid change.  Our furnace and water heaters are now approaching the 95 to 98 percent efficiency range; we are about as far as we can go now in terms of system efficiency.

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