Installing Natural Gas at Your Home Is Cheaper Than You Think

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Installing Natural Gas at Your Home Is Cheaper Than You Think

A lot of Southern Ontario has access to natural gas to heat homes as well as run water heaters. Moving from oil or from electric couldn’t be easier, and in fact, is a lot more cost effective than most people assume.

How much will it cost to have natural gas installed at your home?  Well, it will actually cost you nothing! Enbridge will install one service line and meter to new customers free of charge.

Installation is incredible simple as Enbridge uses a directional boring machine. No trenches or big holes will be dug up through your yard, just a simple pipe that enters near the street and pops up beside your house where the meter sits.Natural gas line

What Steps Should You Take To Get Natural Gas

First – You are going to want to determine if there is natural gas on your street.  Ask a few neighbours, look around the sides of roads for Enbridge pipeline signs, call Enbridge (888) 427-8888, or check their Natural Gas service area page.

Second – This is an easy step, find a contractor. You’re looking for someone like us (647-479-4328) who can hook up your gas appliances (gas dryer, gas water heater, gas furnace, rental furnace, gas bbq). We will then put in a street service request by submitting a gas application to Enbridge who schedule an installation time.

Third – Don’t disconnect any of your appliances before the gas service has been installed. Enbridge will install a line up to 20 meters (55 feet) long and charges 32$ per additional meter needed to reach your home.

Fourth – Once we get notification that the street service has been installed we will come in and complete the installation of your gas appliances and equipment. Our installers will test and test all installations to ensure they meet Ontario gas code.

Fifth – Start saving on money on your bills and enjoy all the benefits natural gas has to offer.


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