Amana Furnace Systems

Amana has several divisions and has been around since 1947.  Manufacturing both furnaces and air conditioners as well as home kitchen appliances. In 1997 the company was bought by Goodman Global who then sold off the appliance division to Whirlpool and kept the heating and cooling division.   Amana is designed, built, and promoted as a higher end system over Goodman   What makes an Amana furnace...

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Furnace Brands

Which Furnace To Choose A furnace is a self-contained appliance designed to supply heated air through your homes duct work to easily heat your home to a comfortable temperature. Essentially, a furnace is a heating system that utilizes the heat created by combustion.  The combustion gases and exhaust is always well contained and vented through the wall of your home.  The heat exchanger is the...

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