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It is interesting to looking at the different ways that people heat their homes.  In Toronto and the GTA the majority of homes use a furnace powered by natural gas.  This hasn’t always been the case as we have gone through a few transitions over the last hundred years or so.  Obviously the first systems used for heating Toronto homes was wood stoves and fireplaces.  This wasn’t the most efficient method as the heat was very centralized and would create a negative pressure within the home resulting in cold air being drawn in through the outlying rooms.  air heating toronto

Toronto air heating then moved on to crude furnace systems that would burn coal or oil and used a series of duct work to move the air around to each room.  The burner on those furnace systems was very inefficient and produced a lot of particulate matter.   As time passed oil as a heating fuel became very popular and to this day still remains in some homes.

Most homes have now upgraded to natural gas as a primary Toronto air heating fuel.  Natural gas is cheap when you compare it to the cost of fuel for an oil furnace.  As pipes and pipe lines were installed Natural gas became available to more cities and more neighbourhoods.  Upgrading from an older oil furnace to a natural gas system can cost a bit more than simply replacing your furnace, but the fuel savings more than pay for it.

If your home is in Southern Ontario and you still are using an oil furnace for air heating, it’s time to seriously consider upgrading.  We offer high efficiency natural gas furnace systems and access to rebates that can significantly reduce your costs.  Give us a call today and find out over the phone how much you’re looking at to upgrade your air heating furnace.

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