Furnace Humidifiers For Dry Winter Months

Home Humidity And Your Furnace

It is very important to maintain the correct humidity in a home for a number of reasons that we will work to explore in this article.  Having a humidifier installed in conjunction with your furnace is the best way to maintain humidity levels.

  1. Comfort
  2. Mould and Mildew
  3. Energy Savings
  4. Air Quality

Comfort In Our Homes

Feeling comfortable in your home is paramount, too much or too little water suspended in the air can change your homes entire feel.  High humidity typically occurs in summer months and makes people feel warmer than the actual temperature.  When we hear the weather person say the day is forecast to have a high humidex, this would be the same situation occurring in your home with high humidity.  To combat high humidity your best option is to either run a dehumidifier, or run your air conditioner as it has a built in dehumidifier.


Mould And Mildew In Our Homes

Excess moisture can and does lead to Mould and Mildew buildup.  Places like under beds, or even things leaning against walls that experience very little air movement can harbour and even promote mould growth in homes with excess humidity.  Keeping your homes humidity levels down stops these sorts of molds from growing.  Mildew typically forms on windows where excess moisture forms due to a temperature gradient from inside to out.  Reducing suspended moisture in your homes air greatly reduces if not completely eliminates mildew from forming.


Increase Humidity, Increase Energy Savings

When humidity is very low it makes the air in your home feel colder than it is. Most home owners turn the heat up higher than necessary to feel warm, this can end up costing you a lot more on your fuel bills throughout the cold season.  In the winter here in Toronto, or really anywhere in Canada, the moister outside can be dryer than the Sahara desert! This is why it is important to have a humidifier installed with your furnace.  After the air is heated by the furnace it is sent through the humidifier to pick up moister and dispersed though your homes duct system.  Once the proper humidity level is reached the system will bypass the humidifier.  Then, when humidity levels drop, the air is directed back though the humidifier to continuously maintain a comfortable level.


Furnace Humidifiers Improve Air Quality

Typically your indoor air quality can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoors![1] Our homes are filled with cleaning chemicals, flame retardants, VOC’s, and a plethora of other sources. In addition to that the air can become quite stagnant thorough out the winter months.  Having a humidifier on your furnace can help to reduce indoor air pollution.  It also reduces dry flaky skin, and helps to maintain the mucous membrane in your respiratory tract.  In homes with prolonged or extremely dry air the occupants can even develop nose bleeds the dry air.


So You’re Interested In An Automatic Furnace Humidifier

A furnace based humidifier is very much an automated system, set it and forget it.  They can be installed on nearly all pre-existing furnaces so you don’t need to upgrade your homes heating system.  They can be controlled by your homes smart thermostat that constantly measures and tracks your homes humidity.  They are plumbed directly into your homes water supply so you never have to add water when increasing humidity.


Here is the best part, whole home furnace based humidifiers are fairly cheap! Give us a call today and we can help you choose an appropriate system and provide you with a completely free quote.



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1. Why indoor air pollution may be worse than it is outdoors by Dr Kong Ching-boon